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AXA Innova

We provide personalized IT solutions to gain the maximum business advantage
of the modern world tech.

With over a decade of expertise in the modern IT Industry, our innovative AXA ASE model (Analyze, Strategize and Execute) has boomed businesses to reach peaks, thriving over the competition.



Business Development


Grow from an Idea to a successful business. From a small/medium enterprise to a large corporation.

It's Risk-Free and Guaranteed reach, if you knew exactly how your business would do. AXA Consultancy provide strategic adjustments and improvements for you to take the next step.


Thorough analysis of your business goals, popularity, operation, strategy, competition and customer interactions.

Get the most current and accurate information to identify SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of your business.


Effective and internationally standard profile for your business and its services.

Modified and tailor fitted according to emerging business and legal standards by a team of professionals in the fields of business development, legal and technical business case handling.


Cutting-edge tactics to pierce through competition with max market penetration.

Strategize your business plan with modern technology. Take advantage of the unique skill sets and international expertise to rise above even the toughest competitors.


Get-rid of huge operational and maintenance costs. Let our experts and partners take the pain.

Focus your resources on what your business really needs. We can take care of the IT services, marketing, logistics, accounting and most of the everyday business needs with well versed expertise, at a fraction of a cost.


Even if you have everything right. Your staff can hold you back.

Corporate training to advance staff skills. In addition, with our industry leading partners and instructors we facilitate Corporate events, Outings and Out-bound adventure based training programmes
Marketing & Materials


Efficiently increase sales and reach for your business with Online Marketing. We have already proven that we are really good at it.

Internet is the most active and effective market that we all live in 24x7. You can efficiently reach the consumer if the marketing, done right.


Widen your reach to customer. Take your shop online.

All the services you need to open up an online store with tools for product listing, inventory management, payment processing, and report generation.


Reach your customers in their friendly neighbourhood.

They socialize 24x7 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other e-social media platforms. With modern social media tools and expertise knowledge on how to use them, you can reach customers in their friendly worlds and encourage them to do marketing for us.


It's the place for your business that visitors first come to. Let us impress them best.

Everybody does their research on your business first in the Internet. A user friendly website with well structured, well content mapped and an eye-pleasing design, helps to elevate its image.


Your identity and presence, Online.

A well established company should have an active presence in the internet which is favoured and appreciated by the customers looking for you online. It'a an art for a company to reach and appear in social media, blogspheres and other online places connecting with the online population.


Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Advertisements, Videos and Rich Media, Animations, Logos and all most of all design works and more.

Well placed content and an elegant design can take your advertisements to unfathomable distances.


Online, Paper, TV & Radio, Events

We are specialized in online advertising. BUT, with over the decades of experience and connections with similar projects, we provide all-media advertising solutions for your convenience.


Specialized in product and promotional photography and vediography.

Clear, detailed and well-presented products can increase your sales. We need that extra photographic genius to give the customer the feeling as if the product is on their hand, which convinces to buying with trust.


Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing.

Best place to hide a deadbody is the second page of google search. Nobody checks out the search results on bottom or on other pages of a search result. Make your business appear on top of the search results when someone searches for your product/s.
Application Development


High Performance, Easy Deloyment & Integration, Secure, Low Maintenance & Cost Effective.

Enterprises are shifting to the cloud based services and applications because of the many advantages and opportunites to reduce the need of a huge IT staff and infrastructure. It's versatile, cross platform compatible and secure.


Get more closer to the users. Productively collaborate on work.

Unique application to suit yout business environment. Effectively get closer to your customer with your own rules and personalization by making the user experience effecient, fun and exciting for the customer. Cut huge costs by automating the information giving/gathering services. Get consumer feedbacks, preferences and behavioral analytics. Easily share your applications across devices.


Everybodys' got a smartphone.

Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile dominates 80% of the current mobile device market. Take your business to the customers' palm with just a touch away from their reach. It's convenient and always an efficient to stay close.


Workplace Automation.

If you think Excel makes your organization processes fast, Think what having your own personalized software application can do. Eliminate information missmanagement, errors and high staff allocations for tasks. Increase your efficiency and productivity by having a great workplace application.

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